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The Smart Options for the web Design Services Now

In our progressive century, there are many web design studios offering website development services, their promotionand technical support. Some of them offer high quality, reasonable terms and prices, others – the development of sites quickly and inexpensively. However, whom to give preference? How to determine the professionalism of a web studio and which web design studio to choose?

To make this difficult choice you will be helped by a few simple tips:

With what you need to start, it is from viewing your own website of the web studio, which you consider as a potential executor of your order. Do you like this site? Is navigation clear? How quickly does it load? How is it displayed in different browsers? Remember that the website of the web design studio is her and the person, and the virtual office, and the tool of self-promotion. If you do not like your own web-studio site, it is unlikely that you will like their implementation of your order. In case of web design services this is the first option now.

The Domain

Do not forget to pay attention to the domain name of the web studio. What is it like? What is the domain level? Usually at good professional web-design studios the second level of the domain is www.site_name.ua (com, net). If the site address looks like www.site_name.ucoz.ru (narod.ru, freehosting.ru, etc.), then it means that the studio is located on a free hosting. And can a studio that does not take care of the quality of its domain name, become a contractor of your order – it’s up to you.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the experience of web studio in the market of web design services. How long has the studio existed? Evaluate the amount and quality of the work done by the studio – usually they are placed in the web studio portfolio. At the same time, do not be lazy to go to a few of the sites that you like the most from the portfolio and conduct for its usability testing. Again, note whether you like these sites.

  • Make sure that the sites indicated in the portfolio of the web studio are really implemented by her. To do this, it is enough to look into one of the lower corners of the site – there will be a so-called copyright. Get the data about the studio that developed the site. In addition, you can call one of the companies whose website is in the portfolio, and personally hear the impressions of this web design studio.

When the preliminary “virtual” acquaintance is completed, it’s time to get acquainted “real”. But do not immediately run to the top ten addresses, it will be enough to choose 3-5 most vending web studios. Please note that the specialists of professional web design studio will most likely assign you a meeting in their office. For you it is a big plus. You can be sure that there is an office near the studio. This is in the first place. And, secondly, you can estimate how much the web studio’s office and the staff of its employees correspond to the declared level and cost of works.