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The Many Kinds of Insurance Frauds Out There

Now that more and more people have become too desperate on getting some money even illegally, it is not surprising as to why you can easily see the rapid increase of insurance frauds. You will not have to wonder anymore why you can easily more and more people seeking the help of insurance fraud investigators. Now, before you can learn more about the impact that insurance fraud investigation brings about in insurance fraud cases, here are some insurance fraud facts that you need to know.

So, what is the total cost of insurance frauds to this day?

Based on recent research, insurance claims that are fraudulent have been shown to amount to more or less 1.9 billion pounds annually. This has led to each policyholder to be paying forth 44 pounds in a year as added cost.

You will not have to wonder at all why insurers will want nothing more but to stay away from additional expenses letting them see to it that insurance fraud investigation is one that is of utmost priority for insurance companies.

Here you will find a list of insurance claim frauds that are appearing on the headlines of popular magazines.

Forcing car accidents to happen in the hopes of being compensated by the insurance company

This is a case that has become very common among a lot of people wanting to get some money from their insurance companies by looking as if the car crash is an accident.

The offender will be fabricating the car crash letting the car owner and the policyholder at the same time look as if it was his or her fault. For these types of cases, you will find out that the offender is thinking that they will be covered by the insurance company in the form of courtesy cars, compensation, or court costs.

Usually, this will be the time that the insurance company will be getting the help of an insurance fraud investigator. You can see insurance fraud investigators to be the ones taking the job of providing that the car accident was really not intended by coming up with the best evidence most especially pictures that will prove the car accident to really be one.

The insurance fraud investigator must be able to come up with adequate statements of the facts and the accurate location map that will include the detailed photos as well as reports of the car accident. Furthermore, they are the ones who are in charge in bringing as witnesses in court the people who have seen the entire accident ensue as well as the police officer who was in charge in taking note of the entire scene.

In terms of the evidence that will be provided forth by the insurance fraud investigator, it has to be something that is worth seeing in the court of law and that will be very detailed in case it will be used by the lawyer in charge of the entire case.

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