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New Looks for a New Model Year

Each model year, car manufacturers improve on the past year by making changes to their line up of vehicles. Some years bring completely re-designed models inside and out, while others bring small changes to increase the appeal of a particular line. Much of the decisions seem to be in conjunction with a well- developed marketing strategy. If a vehicle is well-built, reliable, and comfortable, there are not many changes needed.

Functional Cars

Cars that are designed to be functional, affordable, and reliable for college students, a first vehicle purchased shortly after landing that initial professional position, or as a second family car, rarely require a substantial amount of change. This is the case with the fabia skoda. The pricing is excellent, and the operating costs are low. It suits the purpose, includes essentials in terms of electronics and safety, and has unique touches that allows it to stand out from other cars in its class.

No Diesel

The first thing of which to be aware is that all of the four models run on petrol. A diesel model was offered in previous years, but only accounted for approximately five percent of all cars pre-ordered for the new model year. A turbo-charged version is scheduled for the middle of 2019 that may include a diesel option. That does remain to be seen, but customers do not have long to wait for an answer.

Two engine options have a manual transmission and two have an automatic transmission. The gas mileage ranges between fifty-seven and sixty-five miles per gallon. This car will travel far on one tank of gas which is a factor in the low operating costs. The vehicle is not built for speed and can get from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 10.8 to 16.6 seconds, depending on the model selected.

Space to Spare

This hatchback may look small from the outside but is surprisingly spacious inside. Leg and head room allows two to three adults to fit comfortably in the back seat depending on the girth of each adult. No one will have to attempt to bend in half to get in or out. The hatchback leaves room for groceries, suitcases, or winter essentials when the cabin is filled to capacity.