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Types of Car Window Tint

It adds a touch of elegance to any car to install the right window tint for it. Additionally, it helps in shading you as well as your passengers from the sun’s glare which lowers the internal temperature of the car. This cover protects the car’s leather and upholstery from cracking and fading due to summer heat.

Just before you decide to add window tint to your car, you have to know the different types of tint that you can buy in the market.

Dyed film – the first type of tinting that you can get is dyed window film. This kind of window tint is manufactured by putting a layer of dye right next to the adhesive and applying it to glass. Depending on the shade, this style can block around 50 percent of light entering your car. It is reducing the fade from sun significantly, block unwanted glare from headlights and non-reflective as well.

Ceramic film – this film is a new idea that composes of adhesive layer and the top coat with a thin layer of ceramic in middle section that lets it block up to 70 percent of light. Ceramic films don’t fade over time and can block UV rays and light glares. This is perfect for blocking heat and allows radio signals to pass through. But because of the remarkable features it has, it comes for a higher price compared to other options in the market today.

Metalized film – metalized window tints use different metal layers that blocks heat and UV light. As a matter of fact, this is one of the darkest solutions you can purchase on the market, making it illegal in some states. Assuming that you can get one, then you will be able to block 60 to 90 percent of heat and light. It is reflective but quite effective in blocking glares.

Hybrid film – if you are someone who wants metal and dyed options, then this is the perfect solution for you. This said version actually has 4 layers which includes the adhesive layer, metalized layer, dyed layer and top coat. This is known to reflect heat, blocks glare, reduce fading and of course, blocks 50 percent of light at the same time.

On the other hand, it is not as reflective as the fully metalized versions but it does not block cell phone or radio signals either.

We’ve learned that there are different types of car window tints and depending on your preferences, it will set your decision. So better take time in figuring out which one is really for you.

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